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Event Design

In the past months, Ilmenau eSport has already organized several events.

At the beginning of winter 2022, the largest event shown here so far was held - a cooperation with the Ilmenau-based company EXOR PRO. The winner of the tournament was crowned there in GeoGuesser.

You can look forward to many more events with cool collaborations in the future!

Public Viewing

Besides participating in the University League and organizing eSport events, Ilmenau eSport is also enthusiastic about public viewings.

There have been several such events in recent months. The League of Legends Worlds finals were streamed and people shared in the excitement.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Final has not been forgotten either.

University League Participation

One of our highest priority goals is to get our players excited about participating in the student varsity league.

Thus, at the beginning of each semester, teams are formed, sometimes several teams per game athletics, which together practice, scrimmage and play the matches of the Uniliga.

In doing so, each team sets their own expectations and independently determines whether they are playing for fun or playing to win!

You study at the TU Ilmenau or come from the surrounding area and are interested in gaming? You want to work in this field on a voluntary basis? Plan events and tournaments? Find friends and like-minded people and bring them together?

Then join us on the organization team!


Among other things, several online tournaments in different games took place, where the "best player of Ilmenau" was awarded. A campus tournament in different games sounds tempting, doesn't it? That's what we thought when we initiated the IECL! We had the players on campus compete against each other in six different games. In the Grand Finale, an exciting yet clear game of the all-time classic Tetris was fought out among the finalists, and we were able to jubilantly crown the winner!

Servers, Jerseys, Merch and more ...

Which gamer doesn't know it - that feeling of digging out an old, temporarily forgotten game because you really feel like playing it again with your friends?

In our case, it was once again the game Minecraft. „But this time for real!“. So we set up a community server that you can join via Discord!

You've just scored an incredible victory with your team in a University League match. You and your team are on a wave of euphoria right now and it is just "Into the next one!

To express that feeling, we've designed jerseys that can represent you as part of your team!

Also available: premium hoodie, zipper and t-shirts!

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