Directly on campus in the Ernst Abbe Center. The room number is EAZ 0324.

Currently there are 6 fully equipped gaming PCs with 2 monitors each (one of them with 144Hz)
incl. the matching gaming chairs. For tactical analysis, there is also a
projector and a whiteboard.

Priority will be given first to varsity sports courses, each team should have a time slot for joint
training per week. In the unoccupied time it is available to the
University sports course participants for free use. In addition, the room will be used by
internal club events can be used. (e.g.: tournaments, public viewings)

No, except for certain events and under the supervision of a responsible person.

Currently, 6 courses are scheduled in team games, which are also offered in the varsity league:
League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Valorant, Rocket League, Overwatch and
Rainbow Six: Siege. If you are interested in another game, feel free to contact us!

From 04/06/2023 you can register via the website of the University Sports Center
(https://sport.tu-ilmenau.de/angebote/aktueller_zeitraum/) just like you would for a regular sports course
For each game there will be an extra category with 2
courses. A free one, which will be used to collect registrations and provide you for
registers for the introductory event and a password-protected, chargeable
course that allows the use of the room. Until then, through this survey you can
(https://forms.gle/Rkn28okrVfQrAuAD8) already express interest and, if you wish already express interest and, if you wish, receive a reminder on 04/06.

You have a weekly training appointment with your team, just like a normal
sports course too and can fully use the room during this time. When just
no one else is there, you can also use the room freely. During the courses you are
also insured via the USZ. In addition,
several compensatory sports programs are offered throughout the semester in which you are eligible to participate. These
include back, neck and relaxation exercises as well as playful sports.

The eSports courses, like most other sports courses, will cost 20€ per semester.
If you want to compete in more than one game, that's no problem, you'll still only pay for one course.

No, we would find it unfair to charge you twice financially. Therefore, there will be the possibility
for paying course participants to apply for an exemption from the membership fee for
for the respective semester. In this way, those who can afford it and want to continue
to support us will still have the possibility to do so, because from the course fees
nothing will reach us.

No, if you don't want to participate in the eSports course, you can still do so just as before via the
club membership. However, it is important that you still
have to register for the free course via the USZ page in order to be able to play on the team.
You will not have access to the training room in this case.

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