Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (Ubisoft, 2015) is a tactical first-person shooter from the well-known Tom Clancy series. In the 5 vs. 5 battles, all players start by choosing an operator and his equipment before they either have to rescue hostages, secure a biohazard container or disarm one of two bombs (or prevent the latter). Both teams have time to prepare before each round. For example, walls can be reinforced, traps can be laid, or mobile cameras can be used to uncover positions.

The basic mechanics of the game are easy to learn, but a lot of time is required to build up a complete understanding of the cards.

The game costs 20 euros in the basic version and can be purchased in various online stores.


As of now, you can sign up for University Sports courses! The introductory event for Rainbow Six Siege takes place on Monday 09.10. at 7pm in room EAZ 0324. Please note that participation in the introductory event is a prerequisite for participation in the respective university sports course! If you are unable to attend the event, please contact us in advance so that we can facilitate your participation in a university sports course.

R6S Teams

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WS 2020


Niklas „Blitzless_Aim“

Alex „jxst_vibin.R6B“

Jawad „jawad“

Ilyas „Tinkerbell.R6B“

Marco „RunningEggs“

Simon „Apocalypse_r6“

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